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Reply To: svn-1659 Major slowdown for iTunes song list



Here’s an update:
First of all the client I use is iTunes on OS X. The server is on a vista box.

Ok, So I’m on wifi on my laptop usually, and i’m using 802.11n so there shouldn’t be any bandwith issues here’s a graph of my maximum throughput transferring a file via SMB on my vista machine:

Here’s where I get a problem in 1676 , when I try to connect to the Firefly Share, it seems to cap the bandwith or something, it plateau’s at 50KBps, and it takes a long ass time for the iTunes library to display the songs.

Even when I’m on wifi, i can connect to others shares just fine everything is very quick. Heres an example connecting to someone’s iTunes share with 18,000 songs:

BUT If I’m connected via ethernet, I can connect to the Firefly very quickly:

Finally here’s a pic of 1586 on wifi, everything rocks: