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Reply To: GIANT Library Loading and Browsing Problems



@ratbag21 wrote:

I have searched the forums high and low, but have not found a clear answer or example for my issues.

I have an NSLU2 unslung using the 6.8 firmware to disk2 [2GB flash drive], with a Western Dig My Book 500GB connected to disk1. I am using the 0.2.4 mt-daapd as my music server. The NSLU2 boots great, Firefly starts great, and works great I might add!!!! [big thanks to all involved in the project].

My issue is that I have a 45,000+ library and cannot browse [even by artist – 2600+ different artists] at all. Small playlists [.m3u] will load in an instant, large playlists [8,000 – 12,000 entries] will load SOMETIMES.

My question: is there a solution to possibly correct this behavior, or am I looking for something that does not exist? I would like to be able to browse songs etc, and load large playlists.


Is this against a soundbridge, I assume?

If so, then nightlies will probably work better. At least faster, and people have reported with with sqlite3 as a backend, it browses better, too.

Right now, the slug nightlies don’t support sqlite3, but I’ll have that in nightlies soon. Possibly as soon as this weekend.

— Ron