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Reply To: OSX, can’t install newer versions…



You said this was 10.4.latest, right? And ppc?

In the web config, does it say it’s using sqlite, or sqlite3?

Yup – 10.4.10 on a 1.25 GHz PPC Mac mini. The mini is basically just serving my MP3s and running a couple of USB harddisks which I back up to, so there’s hardly any other software on it other than what comes with OS X.

It says it’s using sqlite in the config in the web config. What do you recommend? Basically, I just installed firefly yonks ago and update it when I think the version number is getting a bit far ahead of my version. Would I need to install anything to switch to sqlite3, and would you like me to try?

I’ll mail you the full existing config file in case anything in it is set up wrong…