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Reply To: OSX, can’t install newer versions…



@foot wrote:

howdy. i’ve been downloading the occasional nightly and going through the OSX upgrade routine: mount dmg, click “quit firefly”, click “uninstall firefly”, click “firefly.prefpane.” simple, painless, no problem.

except… every time i’ve done it since svn-1586, it hasn’t stuck. when i relaunch firefly via the prefpane, my log shows

mt-daapd[2866]: Firefly Version svn-1586: Starting with debuglevel 2

i’ve gone through and manually deleted the prefpane in the system folder, as well as the firefly directory in my application support folder, to no effect. i’ve even tried a “find / -name mt-daapd”, but it looks like it’s not actually called that, but something else inside the prefpane/frameworks folder.

(pardon my lack of correct mac jargon, i started with mt-daapd on linux and still don’t have my OSX chops up to speed.)

anyway, so my question is twofold:

– where else in in the OS could mt-daapd/firefly be hiding?

– or (unlikely, to be sure) am i running the latest version, but the build string hasn’t been updated?


More likely, my build process is broken for osx. I won’t be able to take a look at it until Friday, though.