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@DBAdams wrote:

• Firefly Version: 1.0 svn 1359
• Server Operating System: Windows XP
• Server Hardware: Dell 8400 with 1Gbyte ram
• Client Device: (e.g. Roku Soundbridge M900
• iTunes installed but not in use
• WinAmp 5.35
• SMC Barricade router 100 MBit router, wireless access point
• CA Network Magic recognizes the Soundbridge as authorized member of the network and Soundbrige sees the network
• Soundbridge “talks” with the router & plays internet radio.

Initially, Firefly refused to start. I discovered that Bonjour Service wasn’t running & fixed that. Now Firefly starts up in configuration mode (in the taskbar) but not started. When I click on “Start Server” I get the pop-up about “firefly Media Server scanning may take some time”. In a few seconds, this disappears and . . . nothing. Sometimes the “Stop Server” button changes to “Start Server” & sometimes not.

Try downloading the 1589 version from Don’t download one later than that, it’s still kinda flakey from all the changes lately. 1589 is stable, and likely fixes the issues you are seeing.

— Ron