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Reply To: setup issues with N5200 thecus



@muuuurf wrote:

Hello .
I’ve problems to setup my mp3 directory … i’ve allways an
error: 500general:mp3_dir
I’ve 1 raid 5 called raid0 … (hum hum)
and one file called media … with my mp3 inside
The file adress ins’t /raid0/data/media/ ?
this file is open in upnp nfs etc …
Anyone can help me please.

No idea at all. If it’s available via nfs, then you might be able to do “showmount -e” from a unix box and see the paths to the nfs share you are looking for.

Short of that, you could ssh into the box and find a file you know exists:

find / -type d -name “media”

and see if it shows you the full path.

— Ron