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Reply To: Broken flash drive – Correct procedure?



@renno wrote:

Hi all,

I’ve been running SVN 1634 on a slug for the past 18 months or so, and although it was a bit of a rocky ride, I managed to keep everything running. It seem as if my problems maybe have been related to not moving the firefly database to the hard disk from the flash – anyway that’s by the by.

Eventually the flash drive broke, and the system collapsed. I’ve reinstalled everything, and have had a perfect system for the last three weeks. However, when re-unslinging, and I re-formatted my hard drive, hence losing all the music – obviously a bit of a pain.

Was there anyway this could have been avoided?

i’m not a slug expert, but I *think* you could have booted up without the drive attached and re-slung it onto the hard drive. Your package data would have been hosed, so you would have had to reinstall the packages you already had installed just to get the database to know you had them installed, but I think that would have worked.

— Ron