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Reply To: OS X 10.4.10 + XBMC rev10193 + Firefly svn1586 = 401 error



@lxd wrote:

I’ve just tried Build 1586 and that seems to work OK, so I guess it’s just a weird bug on system? 😯

EDIT : Ok, so this is weird, the file I downloaded originally was supposed to be build 1659,
I hadn’t checked the filename version number with the logs version number and am now a little confused.

Was this just a duff build? or have I not uninstalled properly? I’ve removed any excess files in the my ~ Library and Application Support aswell as the / Library

To recap… doesnt work on my system and reports the wrong version in the logs does seem to work, although I havn’t had a proper chance to test it. Let me know if you want me to try any other builds.

Ya, this is second report of bad osx package, but I won’t be able to check it until Friday.