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Reply To: svn1659 rebuffering flac



@timothyc wrote:

Ron, in addition to the already reported periodic rebuffering of FLAC files, which I’m also experiencing, files that I encoded with the newer versions of flac.exe (1.20+, I think; I’m currently using 1.21) won’t play at all on Soundbridge. They do play correctly on, say, foobar2k. The Soundbridge reports “can’t play {name of file.} Older FLAC files seem to play, however. WinXP SP2, P3 1GB ram. Soundbridge M1000.


Right, that’s a “ffmpeg too old” error. I just can’t seem to get a stable version of ffmpeg, though. Wish they would release a stable. (guess *everyone* is lazy about that. heh.)

In any event, that’s on my “fix before 1.2 release” list.