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@kato wrote:

Sorry to take over my thread 😛 but I still would like to know if there is a way to remotely ‘tell’ Firefly to ‘stop server’ and then automatically start again, from a remote location when running under Windows XP.

When I stop it in the web interface I am locked out. Firefly is still running on the remote machine but I can’t ‘tell’ it to start…

You can use the same remote management tools that you use in windows for managing anything else.

Just go to my computer, right-click and manage. In the top thing on the tree (computer name, maybe?) do a right-click and tell it to connect to the remote machine.

From there, navigate to services, find the Firefly media server, and start the service.

That’s it. Managing stuff remotely is the same as managing stuff locally ever since ms moved to mmc based admin tools.