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@quitte wrote:

heh, thanks.
Well then hereby I declare this a feature request. Also there seems to be a problem when mt-daapd forks. My browser shows firefly three times now in its bookmark.
If it’s a good idea to make a new topic fo this in the feature requests subforum please tell me.
I’m using the svn-1586 version from debian.

If you close the port, then it can’t serve daap — daap serves files over http, which is why there is a web server there. It’s “free”, as it has to be there.

You can get rid of the files in admin_root, if you want, but you can’t turn off the web service.

afaik, you can’t use better auth either, like digest, because most daap clients won’t support it. I don’t want to use digest anyway, because then I can’t integrate it with other authentication methods. I’m thinking of leveraging the squid auth modules for that, but it won’t happen until I finish the ssl support.

So bottom line is, if you don’t want your mt-daad admin password exposed, don’t do your management over the web interface.