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Reply To: svn-1655 make error



@msn_exploder wrote:

After trying a few things, i didn’t get the new nighties to run,
because u said it might be a plugin problem (loading old plugins) i played around a bit 😉

recent nighties with old plugins (yeah i tried this 😉 ):

2007-09-19 13:34:59 (080b4000): Error loading plugin /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/plugins/ (null)
2007-09-19 13:34:59 (080b4000): Error loading plugin /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/plugins/ (null)

and startup didn’t finished at all.

With recent nighties plugins i get this:

2007-09-19 13:30:12 (080b4000): Plugin loaded: ssc-script/svn-1659
2007-09-19 13:30:12 (080b4000): Plugin loaded: rsp/svn-1659
2007-09-19 13:30:12 (080b4000): Plugin loaded: daap/svn-1659
2007-09-19 13:30:12 (080b4000): Starting rendezvous daemon

so plugins a loaded without an error
everything runs without any error, as long as nobody connect (pretty useless without connecting 😉 )
then i get this:

2007-09-19 13:33:09 (080b4000): Rendezvous socket closed (daap server crashed?) Aborting.
2007-09-19 13:33:09: Aborting

Any idea whats going wrong there?

Architecture, os, and version?