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Reply To: svn-1655 make error



@msn_exploder wrote:

i’m running a freebsd 6.2 maschine on an athlonxp 1600+
just tried to build the new nightly snapshot (svn-1655) but i get this error:

In file included from webserver.h:25,
from daapd.h:59,
from db-generic.c:42:
io.h:95: error: syntax error before “socklen_t”
io.h:97: error: syntax error before “socklen_t”
db-generic.c: In function `db_get_error’:
db-generic.c:231: warning: implicit declaration of function `vsnprintf’
*** Error code 1

same with 1652, but 1586 builds fine on this maschine

ohh i used this configure line:
./configure –enable-sqlite3 –with-id3tag=/usr/local

Anybody know whats the problem, how i can fix it?


From the rest of the comments, the fact you can’t run 1655 sounds like a feature, not a bug. 🙂 Should be fixed next nightly, but the patch will be here once svn replicates.

— Ron