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Reply To: Japanese support of the file is not right



@kaoru-yoshida wrote:

I am a Japanese user.

The menu has already supported Japanese.

However, the Japanese support of the file is not right.

Firefly does not scan the folder of the 2 bytes cord.

Firefly does not display a tag except unicode definitely.

Thanking you in advance.

Those a two different issues. The file system thing should actually work in 1586. It’s broken in the newest nightly, but I hope to have a fixed version tomorrow.

For the unicode tags, that’s true. I don’t do codepage on tags. I did just integrate libiconv, and I hope to do codepage conversions on tags soon. Maybe even for tomorrow’s nightly.

I’d like to get this working. If you wanted to help debug the issues, I would welcome the help to try and make it better. I don’t have a non-english windows to test on, though. 🙂

— Ron