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@rpedde wrote:

From a command prompt on your windows machine (I assume that’s what you are using), type:

c:> telnet

or whatever the ip address of the slug is. You’ll be prompted for a username (and you’ll enter “root”), and then a password (and you’ll enter “uNSLUng”).

That’s the “telnet” session. The text-based command interface of the slug. That’s different than the web interface. So you telnet in, then plug in the drive, and wait for it to show up in the web interface. Once it shows up, then you continue entering the commands it tells you to in the telnet session.

Yes – it worked. I am now uNSLUng.

I think the problem is that I have lack of experience and I’m taking the readme too literally.

When the doc refers to ‘telnetting’ I automatically think of where I’ve read about it before and that was the whole ‘redboot’ thing.

If the doc was more specific like ‘telnet into the slug using it’s IP address, login using root and password uNSLUng, wait for the command prompt ‘#’, plug in drive and check using the web interface, then execute script at the # promt to unsling’ I would have been good.

It’s my lack of experience that shows here. But this part is done! 😀

Thanks for the help so far..