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@naturedudeks wrote:

Ron, I think I figured this out. I installed mt-daapd 2.4 in .rpm for fedora 4 after installing dependencies howl,, libid3tag. Web admin helped me through it using findrpm. Then I edited mt-daapd.conf and started the process.

Does that all sound right to you? I’m such a noobee… I don’t have an itunes mac here to test it but should this weekend. Anything I should be worried about using these older versions? Will .flac files be a problem?


@rpedde wrote:

@naturedudeks wrote:

I’m a newbie. How do I install on ClarkConnect?

ClarkConnect is (I believe) a redhat enterprise linux repackage (RHEL4? RHEL3?) I have specfiles to build rpms for RHEL5 and FC, but I haven’t started building them yet.

I hope soon to be doing that, and I’ll probably do RHEL4/CentOS packages at that time that will work.

If you aren’t in a hurry, I’d say wait a couple weeks, and I’ll probably have packages.

— Ron

That will work, but 0.2.4 doesn’t do flac. You’ll need to find a newer version to do that.

— Ron