Reply To: To Use A Memory Stick or not …


@fizze wrote:

So did I, but as I ran lots of other things on the slug my stick just was too small.
I then re-slinged to a harddrive and am now happy with tons of applications available and running on the slug.

Anyway, I too had the library on the hard drive, and the database on the stick. Worked pretty decent, but the wear-and-tear on the stick is hard, no doubt about that.

I wouldn’t be concerned about the hard drive failing so much, but for power consumption and heat dissipation. An idle harddrive that spins basically doesnt wear.

Ok … Perhaps since I’m new at this I’ll just use the HDD. I’m not sure if I can get it to spin down anyway.

Re: power consumption and heat dissipation – these are the only cons of running the HDD continuously? Otherwise a constantly runing HDD is no problem? (Sorry, just to be clear)