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@Kato wrote:

Hello All,

I’ve purchased a Linksys NSLU2 (Slug) and am awaiting it’s arrival.

I’m trying to decide whether to run a memory stick in Port 1 and HHD in Port 2 or just the HDD in port 1.

Upon searching the archives I got the impression that the stick can slow down Firefly when it comes to sorting and browsing a large number of music files.

My present setup is Firefly running on a Windows XP machine, P4 HT 2.6GHz, 1 meg ram. My network is fully wired. I have 6400 mp3’s and if I browse artists, etc. on my two Soundbridges it takes less than 1 second to sort through the information. It also takes this much time to assimilate all of the info in all 6400 mp3’s.

What kind of performance difference should I expect from what I have now?


I haven’t seen one, but then I keep the database on the hard drive, not on the stick. I only keep the OS on the stick, that way I can spin down the hard drive.

If you were to keep the database on the stick, I’d guess performance would be bad, plus, you’d probably kill the stick pretty quickly.

I’ve had decent luck with mine on a stick, though. I think I’ve been running it that way for six months or so, and nary a problem.

— Ron