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@Wilco0 wrote:

Hi, I’m new to firefly and want to install it on my Windows Home Server PC (currently running the beta OS). However when I try to run the installer it flashes a Command Prompt and then quits. It works fine on my Windows Vista PC. This is using Build 1586. Does the installer check what OS version it is being ran on?

Correction: Running again from the command prompt it says “Program to big to fit in memory” ?

Do you have a swap file?

It’s not a version thing, I’m running 1615 on WHS RTM right now, and it’s working fine.

Also I’m trying to program a DAAP client against Firefly, and I’m finding some wierd values (Integer types coming back with length 109 seems to be the main 1), do you develop the daapd library directly or just on top of it?

Wow. I’d like to see a hex dump of that, actually. What’s the atom that’s doing that?

I’m not using the daapd library, it’s all just home-rolled crap. Which explains the strange results. 🙂

There is also an xml interface that’s *way* faster than the daap stuff, if you were interested in that as opposed to daap.

— Ron