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Reply To: Firefly, Belkin F5D7132UK WURE and multicasting problem



@jpcwebb wrote:

Did you be4con or anyone else ever resolve this issue?
I have the same range extender, and a soundbridge, with FireFly running on a LinkStation Live connected to the main router by wire. As per the above posts, if the sb connects to the WURE, it cannot ‘see’ the firefly server but can connect to internet radio, whereas directly connected to the router there is no problem (other than rebuffering due to noise). I see that Belkin have not updated the firmware for the extender and guess they are unlikely to do so now as the device is a few years onto the market. In testing, I set my router to refuse connection from my laptop, so that the laptop would only be able to connect to the WURE to get onto the network. I then accessed the firefly interface on port 3689, and then ran the DAAP applet and it streamed music to the laptop fine, so I’m not quite sure why the SB can’t see FF when connected to the WURE. I’m not sure if this is a valid test, but I assume the applet runs locally so must be receiving the data via the correct ports…

The issue is multicast, which is the discovery mechanism that the soundbridge (and iTunes) use to discover other itunes servers. The WURE passes tcp okay, but not multicast. Which means that the soundbridge can’t locate the server, and no music. 🙁