Reply To: Firefly, Belkin F5D7132UK WURE and multicasting problem


There doesn’t seem to be any such settings on the AP, I have mailed Belkin to ask them if there is some hidden configuration page somewhere that has these options but they haven’t deemed it worthy of response. Because the router alone delivers Firefly to the SB I assume that multicasting is already switched on on the router.

I have ordered a 10dbi antenna from ebay, we shall see if that does the trick when it arrives. It was dirt cheap though so may well be trash, but I figured it worth the few pounds.

If that doesn’t work I can see me giving up and getting a NSLU myself if I carry on getting these problems. The Roku has so much potential, it’s been the most satisfying and most frustrating piece of technology I own in almost equal measures.

Thanks for all the advice and assistance so far, I’ll report back when the antenna arrives to let you know if I sorted it, or if Belkin ever get back in touch.