Reply To: Firefly, Belkin F5D7132UK WURE and multicasting problem


I’m not sure how far away I have to be before I get these problems, but to give you an idea the SB is at the front of the house on the ground floor and the pc is on the first floor at the back of the house. It’s only about 15m in a straight line, through 2 internal walls.

similar to my setup… and truth be told I did get rebuffering from time to time, now completely cured by investing in a NSLU2 and going down the NAS route… but that’s another story 😆

however, what I never got was firefly not showing on the SB and that seems pretty weird indeed. Not sure if anyone else has experienced that either – I don’t recall reading any posts regards that. Certainly the rebuffering is a constant headache for wireless users and no doubt you’ve read the moans here and on the roku forums in that respect.

When I ping it’s there with a time of 3ms.

well that doesn’t seem to too bad in the circumstances and shows that there is communication to/from the AP but I still don’t understand why having the AP in the sytem would cause firefly to fail in the entirety…

The only other thing I can think of is if there’s some reason why the AP is blocking/interfering with the ports used by firefly. Assuming you’re on windows (not my forte) check the ports you need to have open – TCP & UDP – and have a scout around the router & AP to see if there’s some sort of option to open them up. But to be honest, I’m scrabbling around in the dark on that suggestion. Generally the ports would be set in your firewall permissions though you mentioned earlier you’re not firewalled anyway.

I’m no great expert and not sure I can offer much more. I guess if the buffalo antenna is not too pricey then it’s worth giving it a go…

Anyone else want to pitch in with some bright ideas…? 😯