Reply To: Firefly, Belkin F5D7132UK WURE and multicasting problem


Thanks again Andy.

Oops, told you I was a relative noob 🙂

Nope I didn’t try pinging that IP. I just did ipconfig /all and as it wasn’t listed I must admit I gave up at that point. When I ping it’s there with a time of 3ms.

I’ve had my SB since Jan 2007. The router I have only had since July. My SB worked well with a BT voyager router that I used to have but I did get rebuffering problems with Firefly, when the BT router died I replaced it with the Buffalo as it was listed on the Roku website as a good bet and I was hoping it would cure the rebuffering problems.

As it happens it gives me more rebuffering problems than the BT router did.

That said, if I remove the AP from the network and have just the router wired to the pc and the SB wirelessly connected then I get Firefly on the SB, but I get internet blackspots around the house (which was 1 reason for the need for a WURE) and I get frequent rebuffering on the SB and occasional drops of the network which need a reboot and re-entry of the WPA key to repair (which was the other.)

I’m not sure how far away I have to be before I get these problems, but to give you an idea the SB is at the front of the house on the ground floor and the pc is on the first floor at the back of the house. It’s only about 15m in a straight line, through 2 internal walls.

Firefly appears in iTunes as a share.