Reply To: Can I Run Firefly on a Windows 98 machine?


@fizze wrote:

Ok, 80G ext3 sounds fair, and Id also use this drive to store all the data.

If you _must_ _have_ another external drive that has to be accesible from windows PCs, too, then do not format it with NTFS, but use FAT32 instead.
NTFS is really hideous on the slug and causes it to become unstable and constantly crashing.

Fat32 is well supported though, the only caveat is no files >2GB are possible.

Ok .. great!

I found out about the FAT32 thing a couple years back when I was video editing. I had files in the 12GB range and tried to save them to my pre-formatted ACOMDATA external drive. They wouldn’t take. After about half an hour I realized it was FAT32 pre-formatted after some reading. That’s interesting though – the industry must realize these problems with NTFS if they ship their drives FAT32 formatted …