Reply To: Can I Run Firefly on a Windows 98 machine?


@rpedde wrote:

I’ve had okay luck with tool to set hard drive settings while attached to a windows/dos machine, then putting it back in the usb carrier and attaching it. Once they are set on the windows side, the settings persist and work okay on the linux side. Or so my experience with ibm/hitachi drives.

As far as accessing ext3 from XP, typically you leave the drive attached ot the slug and access the files from across the network, which makes the underlying file system invisible to xp.

If you were to disconnect the drive and attach it to XP, you’d find you couldn’t access the file system unless you loaded ext3 drivers. I think there are probably several different drivers poking around on the net.

But I’ve never removed the drive from any of mine — I access all the data remotely.

— Ron

Perhaps I’ll try setting it with the tools and see what happens.

If I decide to just use the HDD in port1 will the spin down function be necessary (or work at all)? Or is it a function of how often firefly will scan the music database?

As far as accessing the files – as long as I can connect over the network with no problems I’ll be fine.

Thanks for the help.