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This Forum houses all the information you need. You’re welcome to use the search functionality.

Yes, there are plenty of NAS devices that are capable of running firefly. And they’re quite good at it, too. 🙂

I did some preliminary searching and it looks like the Linksys NSLU2 is a popular choice.

I tried checking it out on firefly wiki but all I’m getting is computer garble. Must be down.

How easy is this one to set up? And how reliable is it?

Also – from the reviews it looks like I’ll have to reformat my USB2.0 External drives to FAT32 for them to work properly?

Sorry… it’s up now. I upgraded to “etch” from “sarge” and thought I remembered to check everything… obviously not. 🙂

With the nslu2, you do well to format it the way the nslu2 wants to — to ext3. You can use ntfs or something else, but performance is hideous.

As far as the process, it’s really well documented, and there are jillions of people here who have done it that can give pointers and advise.

— Ron