Reply To: What is this file etilqs_0GE9hM5AE7J6sDh?


@JackovSpades wrote:

Since yesterday, everytime I start up Firefly is places this file in Windows/Temp. I can only delete the file using ‘Unlocker Assistant’. When rebooted Firefly does not auto start (and it did previously). Start Firefly up and it puts the file back in Windows/Temp.

I only knew about the file as Spysweeper blocked the file from using Explorer and says its an ActiveX.

Should I be concerned or is it meant to do this ❓

That’s a journal file for sqlite. Not sure what spysweeper is complaining about.

As far as not autostarting, try re-installing bonjour. Sometimes if an app is installed that includes bonjour, it borks up the system-wide version.

Gizmo is bad that way, for example.