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@don quixada wrote:

I built the second-latest nightly-build (1586) from the source and installed on my Gentoo box. It works fine and I can even stream oggs and flacs. However, I cannot access the web interface. I’m not sure if it’s the login info that’s wrong or if I need to build it into the program.

I get an 404 error message when I try to access. Do I need to enable a build flag? If so, what is it?

Or is my login information wrong?

I set a password in the mt-daapd.conf file but I couldn’t see a direct reference to a username. I’ve tried ‘admin’, ‘root’, ‘admin-root’ nothing seemed to work. Any suggestions?




The error message looks like this:

Not found
Error 404
mt-daapd: svn-1586
Error: No such file or directory

The username doesn’t matter (right now), just the password.

As far as the error goes, check the web_root directive in the config file, and make sure that:

1. It points to a directory that exists and has the firefly web pages in it.
2. The files there are world-readable

Also, you might verify that you did your “make; make install” from the mt-daapd directory, not the “src” directory under it — that would fail to install the admin web pages.

— Ron