Reply To: Album Artist vs. Artist?


@djp952 wrote:

Doi. That’s …. absolutely …. perfect 😥 (<– It brings a tear to my eye how wonderful this software is)

I apologize for posting in the wrong place, this should have been in the ‘stupid user that didn’t RTFM’ forum!

Thank you VERY much pmorris …

That’s still not *quite* right, but it kind of hacks around it a bit.

I am collecting album artist, and I want to make a mode that does browsing like you suggest — album artist by preference, or if that’s not present, use artist.

But it’s and ugly sql query and it brings small systems to their knees.

So I am going to defer that until the Great DB Rewrite (Take 3), which should happen Real Soon Now.

‘Course, it’s been about to happen RSN for some time, so…

Getting there… just slowly. 🙂

Thanks for the praise as well.