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@djp952 wrote:

First off, allow me to gush over this software a little. Firefly (using Roku version 1.1b1 at the moment) is simply amazing. I had my doubts and tinkered with a few others while waiting for the SoundBridge to arrive, but your software completely dessimates everyone else’s, including Microsoft Media Player 11 / WMC. It’s blazingly fast, it’s tiny, it’s open source, and most importantly IT JUST WORKS. Well done sir, you are a credit to our profession!

Now, I’m not sure if this request is possible for anything but WMAs, as I’m rather unfamiliar with the ID tags and who does what, but one feature that would really help me out, and maybe some other folks, would be to use the file’s “Album Artist” tag instead of the “Artist” tag when generating the database’s “Artist” information. In our particular case, we have hundreds of “Various Artist” CDs, which lead to a really long set of Artist names in the database, making it difficult to browse.

I was thinking of perhaps some nice simple checkbox in the web interface that flagged a global switch in the code to read Album Artist instead of Artist, when possible. That way people that prefer the true Artist information set are not hindered, but people desiring the simplified Album Artist set can have a slimmer browse list.

Anyway, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into all this, and apologies if this was a dumb request, or even worse, already implemented and I just don’t know how to do it 😉

It is a great program, isn’t it? I’ve been using it for some time now and it never ceases to amaze me how much better Firefly is at doing what I want done than any other solution I’ve used. And I’ve tried a bunch.

I’m not sure about version 1.1b1. On my version SVN-1586 from the nightlies downloads, on the configuration page, I can select “Show Advanced Conf” and that exposes, among other things, the ability to select “Group Compilations” and then specify the compilations directory (and you don’t have to type in the full path, mine reads “Various Artist”). Once you select that and rescan the library, you’ll find that all of the compilation CDs show up under “Various Artists” and the song titles read “Artist/Title” in the display. Works like a charm!

If you search the forum for compilations, you may find other posts that address this issue. Again, it may not be supported in your version. If so, check out the nightlies.