Reply To: build problem on svn-1586


@rpedde wrote:

ffmpeg is the ick.

I noticed that 😉
@rpedde wrote:

Easier to just transcode with a script. This post describes (at the end) how to transcode mpc — same thing only use the command to dump shn files to wav and use that for the transcode command.

I tried that on an older version (svn-1463 if I recall correctly), it failed for some reason, my SoundBridge showed a big X instead of the musicnote in front of the filename and told it was in ansupported format.

I put in the neccessary lines again, now it shows a musicnote on my SoundBridge. But it will not play the song… Time to get some debug logs. But that will have to wait. Maybe use shorten instead of shntool.

@rpedde wrote:

Won’t pick up any metadata, but if you can point me towards anything describing shn metadata, I can look at it.

As far as I know at the moment there is no metadata present in shn files.
If I find something about it you will get the information from me.