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There is a post here:

that discusses how it tries to remap directories to relocate music. Bear in mind that if you are using windows as a client, you should probably:

Awesome, that’s what I was looking for. The reverse directory walk is clever.

Unfortunately, I’m still running into problems. I have my infrant NAS running firefly 1.0.0 (the only version that they have a binary for). I’m using osx 10.4 with the latest iTunes and I connect to the nas via AFP.

The library is located on the ‘media’ volume like this:

/c/media/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml

Firefly is pointing at:

I generated this playlist by telling iTunes that my music library is on the NAS and to put the itunes xml there as well. Effectively I want my iTunes to directly manage the firefly media server without needing to rsync files over periodically. That may seem weird, but this should not be the cause of my problems, as the bottom line is what the itunes XML looks like and what the filestructure on the nas is. I’ll describe that after I describe my problem.

Problem: When I do a Full Scan, it will find all the music and make a single smart playlist called ‘library’ but it doesn’t have any of my iTunes smart playlists nor does it have a custom static one I made.

The static playlist “untitled playlist” was created with a daft punk song. I checked the iTunes xml and indeed there is a “untitled playlist” which points to a daft punk song with the following location:


(that is the path to a network file on my mac)

The filepath on the NAS is:

/c/media/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml
/c/media/iTunes/Daft Punk/Human After All/09 technologic.mp3

So as far as I can tell, it should be both finding the playlist and finding the song for the playlist, but it’s not finding either. I suppose the first hurdle is getting the playlist to appear at all, even if it can’t find the songs for it. I have gotten it to work in the past but it won’t work now, am I doing anything glaringly wrong? If so, let me know, otherwise I’ll try to start over with a less weird way of doing things.

And thanks for all the hard work on this project.

It should *always* find the playlist. If it can’t locate files, then the playlists are empty.

If it doesn’t find the playlist, might check the web config interface (or the config file) and see that process_m3u is on, as well as process_xml.

That should really be it.

— Ron