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@acgourley wrote:

I’m trying figure out the best way to manage playlists and stream them off my NAS. From what I’ve seen, the best way it to use firefly 1.0.0 and have feed it your iTunes XML.

I need a little more help though. When firefly reads in the XML in it’s base music directory, how does it then know what files the playlists point to? When I first tried to set this up, firefly found the playlists but they were all blank. This makes sense since if you look at the XML the paths to the music files are absolute paths which only make sense to the computer that the itunes XML was taken from.

I’ve also tried to have itunes create a new library in-place on the NAS while pointing at a music directory also on the nas, but this doesn’t work either.

Basically I just want to know how firefly decides where a given music file lives based on the data in the XML. I should be able to sufficiently fool it once I know how it works, maybe with symlinks or something.


There is a post here:

that discusses how it tries to remap directories to relocate music. Bear in mind that if you are using windows as a client, you should probably:

1. upgrade to svn-1586 on, as that fixes some windows stuff regarding mapping drive letters to unc paths and vice versa

2. read the faq entry ( on sharing music over network shares (if that is what you are doing), as there are permissions and drive mapping issues involved in that.

3. (again, assuming windows) Make sure you have both your “my music” folder, and the directory the music is actually at specified in your music directories. It’s preferable to specify the remote music location by UNC.

That should get you where you need to go. If that doesn’t go, more information would help:

What client, where the music is (and how it’s connected), where the server is running (windows box or nas device), where the iTunes xml file is, etc. There are lots of issues involved depending on where the server is running, how the music was copied, etc.

— Ron