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@ulysses wrote:


First of all!
i love this project!
I was looking for a solution that for central storage of my music and perhaps also share it with my mobile phone by internet. I loved the concept of i tunes but it just was not really complete..

well hell.. to the main problem..
When i start firefly ( version 1634 and lattest bonjour)) it starts perfectly.
I can share a folder that contain mp3 files ( \servermp3 that way.. )
But when i try to access from an different computer with i tunes the music i dont get an the shared music… hmmz… not so nice..
I dont even see the name of the firefly server.. its just complete empty..

Before people going to ask me why i dont just use itunes on my server and itunes on the other laptop.
I have an ipod want to sync the music with the laptop.
I want the music to be stored on the server.
The database of the music must also contain the song rate info.
Xbmc (xbox media center ) must also be able to play the songs ( uses Daapd or Upnp)

I hope someone is able to help me.. or getting me out of the illusion that this all is possible.. 😉

Aside from 1586, which someone else mentioned, it would be worth reinstalling bonjour for windows, and following the instructions on the faq ( that deals with sharing music from network connected drives.

– Ron