Reply To: Firefly Openlink on Linkstation Install Question


@scirocco33 wrote:

First off…

I’m a complete noob to Firefly,Telnet, Linux to the point that I probably should not have attempted to run Firefly on my linkstation.

I’m following the Firefly Openlink install instructions on the LinkstationWiki and everything seemed to be going well…until

These libraries need to be registered with the linker. This can be done by creating a file called in /etc as follows

Simple enough I think…since everything else has worked great

[email protected]:~# nano /etc/
bash: /usr/bin/nano: Permission denied

I can’t seem to get nano to run to create the file I need

At this point I’m stuck…can anyone save the noob?

The only thing I can think is that is the wrong nano binary. What kind of linkstation do you have and what does “file /usr/bin/nano” say?

Did you have to install nano, or did it come built-in on the linkstation?