Reply To: Banshee/Rhythmbox: Smart playlists over DAAP?


Playlists pop up but there’s one more bug to hunt now. Rhythmbox crashes with lots of console warnings upon trying to stream a radio URL from Firefly, although this works fine in iTunes.


Edit: Rhythmbox accepts the ‘asul’ (daap.songdataurl) content code but ignores the value. It later tries to stream the playlist URL from Firefly, which (correctly) responds with a 500: Can’t stream radio station. The error isn’t handled cleanly and causes havoc in GStreamer.

The correct behaviour is to store the radio URL and to pass this to GStreamer later. I’m implementing this in a patch now because it’s quite important to my media server setup. 8)

And the second patch is done, will file a new bug report for submission.