Reply To: Banshee/Rhythmbox: Smart playlists over DAAP?


@jcornwall wrote:

I’ve set up Firefly 0.2.4 on Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 and it seems to be going well. iTunes sees my entire collection and a smart playlist I’ve configured.

I’d like to achieve the same on Linux. Rhythmbox was my first choice – it found the library correctly but 0.10.0 failed to see the smart playlist due to this bug: I’ve now set up Banshee and this also fails to the shared smart playlist – just the main Library appears.

Have I configured something incorrectly, or do no Gnome-based Linux media players work with DAAP-shared smart playlists yet? Is it worth building development versions of either of these players?

I don’t know any, sadly.

The Rhytmbox bug seems strange, if the resolution noted by the poster is right — that it couldn’t find the name. that’s the minm, and that gets set in all playlists.

Not sure what the deal with that is.