Reply To: Segmentation fault but no core dump


@version5 wrote:

Hey guys,
I’ve an issue thats causing the server to crash but for some reason I can’t get it do dump a core file so I can find out what the problem is. The ulimit is set to ‘unlimited’ for core files, the program has write permissions in the directory and I haven’t seen any thing in the source code like setrlimit() that would appear to affect its ability to dump a core file.

Any ideas?


os-unix.c chdirs to /, so once it drops privs, it doesn’t have permissions to dump core in /.

I think there are some sysctls to set default core dumps, or you could set the “run_as” user to root to allow it to core in /, or you could move the chdir in os-unix.c to put it in a directory the run_as user can core to.

— Ron