Reply To: svn-1634 and non-ASCII characters


@mthielemann wrote:

Any idea? Switched back to 1586 and everything is fine again. 😀

That’s the “this is broken” warning on the nightlies page. 🙂

That said, this is exactly what I need to see. One of my main objectives here in the short term is to clean up all the latin1 vs. everyone else issues in the path handling, so I’d like to ask (if you have the time and inclination) if you would be willing to keep running nightlies coming up to help me find the problems and hammer them out.

I’m hoping that with some help from people with collections of non-latin1 files and stuff I’ll be able to fix the playlist problems, and some of the other internationalization problems with filenames.

So hang tight, I’ll have a new release this weekend, and I’d like to hear what that does.

— Ron