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@lconvis wrote:

Hey there, I have taken a different approach. I have loaded XUbuntu and I am building a dedicated MP3 Server/Library Manager. I chose XUbuntu cause it is lightweight and QUICK!!! I have installed the OS, and MT-DAAP. I am still having issues getting my permissions ironed out. I will add the UNMASK command and see if that helps. My next question is when I copy music from my Thumbdrive to even my /home directory do I need to run the CHMOD 777 -R command before the DAAP server will read it??

Thanks again. you have got me VERY excited about this DAAP server. I AM ALMOST THERE! Sorry to be such a pest!


Sort of… the problems with copying to you home directory is that your home directory isn’t world readable by default (I’d guess). If you want to make it world readable, just make the home directory itself 755 and the mp3 directory underneath is 755, and you’ll probably be good. Default umasks are 002 anyway (probably), so you’ll still be able to read them.

— Ron