Reply To: –enable-sqlite or –enable-sqlite3 ?


@emma_peel wrote:


I tried to compile a nightly release (1586) and the configuration process gives me the following message :

Must use either –enable-sqlite or –enable-sqlite3

What is the difference ?

Moreover, I read the following FAQ :

So do I have to install the version 2 ou 3 … or 1 ?

OK, it is written 2 in the FAQ, but –enable-sqlite and –enable-sqlite3 make me asking.

Heh, sorry. At one point, there was only sqlite. It was at version 2.8 or whatever, and there *was* no sqlite 3. So there was an –enable-sqlite option. Then there was the sqlite 3.x line that was api incompatible with sqlite 2.x. So I ended up with –enable-sqlite3.

So right now it’s in the confusing situation that –enable-sqlite is sqlite2, and –enable-sqlite3 is sqlite3.

If you are trying to choose between the two, try 3. It’s faster, and I think I will probably soon start shipping with sqlite3 as the default rather than sqlite 2.

— Ron