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@tuc wrote:

hi guy,
it’s possible to add a folder on Itunes library without to copy it on local Itunes music folder and to make playlist?
I added my folder from mt-daapt server to my itunes and I made any playlist from itunes client.

the problem was the playlists are in local and not in mt-daapt, but… 🙂

ciao tuc 😉

(sorry for my bad english 😳 )

Right, that’s the issue. You can only do playlists from local files.

So the way I do it is that I manage my music in iTunes with my whole library locally. I make playlists, add music etc.

Then I use “rsync” to synchronize all my music to the server — it copies all the changed and added files, etc. Once it’s on the server, then the mt-daapd server sees the new playlists and they show up for other people on the network.

The problem is that *I’m* the only one that can manage playlists, since I’m the only one that has the files locally.

To have a big chunk of files on the server, all remote to itunes, and have all those people manage their own playlists with iTunes isn’t really possible.

Now, they can use other playlist programs to make .m3u files that mt-daapd will recognize, but they won’t show up.

— Ron