Reply To: I can’t install Firefly on Maxtor Shared Storrage II


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mhmm I have looked around before at the openMSS Board, but someone has tell me that isnt possible with openmss and the MSSII Harddrive.
Are there until another possibility to become IPKG (Bootstrap) on my MSSII?
I have tried to install bootstrap on my MSSII but there are few failes. And it isnt done to say ipkg, my MSSII further dont know that.
Can you there help me to install bootstrap.
Or are there another possibility to install firefly without a IPKG?

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It probably can be installed without ipkg, but there are lots of dependent libraries and it’s hard to cross-compile.

It’s *far* easier to get unslung up on the machine and use unslung packages, because they have already been modified to compile and are all packaged up.

I’m sure you can find instructions on the openmss site for how to get a build chain working for the mss, and build from those instructions, but it won’t be short work.

— Ron