Reply To: I can’t install Firefly on Maxtor Shared Storrage II


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hey everybody,

I have a Maxtor Harddrive.
On it i would like install Firefly MediaServer.
I have already installed a telnet formware and twonky, but I would like try also Firefly.
I dont have the Soundbridge Roku, but I would like buy it.

The problem begins…I dont know which file I must download from the Nightfly (

I hope you can help me to install Firefly on my Maxtor.
If you need more informations, tell it me.

i have found this wiki site (
but at these time I’m failt on the ipkg command.
My Hard Drive dont know it.
Must I installing IPKG (not the package ipg) is IPKG a programm which I can download and installing at my Maxtor?

Best Regards from Germany,

Yes, ipkg is a program. You’ll have to install a firmware that supports ipkg, like OpenMSS:

This requires that you have a regular MSS, though… I think there are different kinds of MSS hardware, and you’ll have to find the firmware that matches your hardware type.

Check the OpenMSS site, and it will probably have the info you need.

— Ron