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Reply To: Failed to load browse data on 1586 Debian Etch Arm



I haven’t been following the Firefly development for a while due to other things taking priority. There have been quite a few new nightlies I see (I was still on 1586) so I have just successfully compiled 1676.

This made me wonder about a few things:

    – Do I still need to compile from source in order to get sqlite3 support?
    – Have you had a chance to build a Debian package for the Ogg Tremor codec? I would really like to play the 3,500+ Oggs on my SoundBridge 🙂
    – Is there any progress on the gdbm backend?

Regarding the Musepack transcoding, sadly I have not been able to find an ARM version of mppdec so no progress there, and I haven’t had the time yet to experiment with mppdec on my PC.