Reply To: Failed to load browse data on 1586 Debian Etch Arm


@MrE wrote:

mppdec inputfile.mpc outputfile.wav

Okay, great. The “fix” for this is in two steps:

1. add “mpc” to the ssc_codecs line in the config

2. Fix the transcoder to support mppdec. (this is the harder step). 🙂

Basically, edit the script (probably in /usr/sbin, but check your config to be sure). You can see the stuff that transcodes the other files, and you can add mpc support by using the “copy-and-paste” method of shell scripting.

You’ll need a block like this up at the top:


mpc_file() {

and then another block at the bottom like:

if ( echo $1 | grep -i ".mpc$" > /dev/null 2>&1 ); then

That should do it.

I can probably put together a debian source package for it, or failing that, a kit for building the tremor decoder.

I’d be very grateful for the tremor decoder and I’m sure several other users of slow embedded devices would be too.

Still haven’t gotten to this. It’s been crazy at work, and haven’t been getting home until.. well.. what time is it? 2:30am. Oof…

Off to bed. But I’ll take a look at it this weekend.

— Ron