Reply To: Failed to load browse data on 1586 Debian Etch Arm


That’s pretty painful, experience tells me. 🙂

No pain, no gain 🙂 as turned out to be true in this case for I can now browse and play my Slug’s music collection whereas before I couldn’t!

But… shared pain is half the pain,,, now you know, you’re not alone in this! I share your pain! 😆

don’t have transcoding turned on for musepack. If you know the command to do musepack to wav, I can guide you toward setting up transcoding for it.

I hope the following is what you meant:

I had a look around for a way to transcode Musepack files and managed to track down this hard to come by musepack-decoder package

The syntax is ultra simple:

mppdec inputfile.mpc outputfile.wav

Now, on the one hand I’m not really that bothered about MPC files as I only have 15 tracks in that format. I’m not an audiophile and quite happily transcode 256 or 320 Kb/s into Ogg q5 files and it still sounds like CD quality to me – heck, even q1 sounds like CD quality!. On the other hand, Firefly is ‘advertised’ as having support for Musepack and so it should work.

Having read a couple of forums, I know there are people out there who have entire collections in Musepack, unable (unwilling?) to convert to other formats, who might well want Firefly to do on-the-fly transcoding so that they can listen to them on their SoundBridge.

I’m more than happy to do some testing to get Firefly to transcode MPC files, if only for the benefit of others who might have settled on the format.

I can probably put together a debian source package for it, or failing that, a kit for building the tremor decoder.

I’d be very grateful for the tremor decoder and I’m sure several other users of slow embedded devices would be too.

While the bulk of my songs are in MP3 format, I still have a good 3,500 Ogg tracks and any music I rip off CD myself I do in Ogg as it’s my preferred audio format so I’m only gonna get more Oggs in the future.