Reply To: Failed to load browse data on 1586 Debian Etch Arm


@MrE wrote:

I can now successfully browse all my songs on the slug, using the sqlite3 backend, hurray!

Good to know. I guess I should probably start shipping with sqlite3 rather than 2.

The svn-1586 Debian Etch Arm build doesn’t seem to include support for sqlite3 so I compiled it from source (on the slug 🙂 ).

That’s pretty painful, experience tells me. 🙂

– Musepack files, while browsable, result in ‘Unable to play’

I don’t have transcoding turned on for musepack. If you know the command to do musepack to wav, I can guide you toward setting up transcoding for it.

When I run oggdec –version, I get OggDec 1.0.1, so not the Tremor version.
How do I go about obtaining a Tremor version of OggDec for Debian Etch ARM? There doesn’t appear to be a Debian package for it.

Yup, that’s the issue there.

There isn’t (afaik) a debian package for it, but I can probably put together a debian source package for it, or failing that, a kit for building the tremor decoder. There has been a fair amount of calls for it.

Lemme work on this a while and get back.

— Ron