Reply To: Failed to load browse data on 1586 Debian Etch Arm


@MrE wrote:


I have recently acquired a SoundBridge M1001 which is connected to a Slug running Debian Etch with Firefly 1586 SVN

My database is currently 28MB and holds nearly 18,000 songs.

Whenever I try to use any of the browse functions, I receive the “Failed to load browse data” error after approx 10 secs.
Having read a couple of threads on the forum regarding similar issues, I thought it might be a limitation issue with the slug being underpowered and all that.

However when I install TwonkyMedia on the slug, I have no problems browsing and playing my collection, not even when I browse the entire song list which takes 20-30 seconds to load all 17,898 songs.

I’d much rather run Firefly though cos
1) Twonky doesn’t support searching (a must with this many tracks)
2) It does list my Ogg and FLAC tracks but shows a cross and reports it can’t play them (it appears this is a transcoding issue with TwonkyMedia on underpowered devices such as the slug)
3) I don’t really like Twonky’s interface on the SoundBridge
4) I can’t afford paying for Twonky at the moment as I’m unemployed and really strapped for cash (the SoundBridge was a birthday present, in case you wonder 🙂 ) and the free trial version will run out in three weeks.

I tried indexing the Artist field as suggested in one of the other threads but this hasn’t made any difference.

Here’s my mt-daapd.conf file, with all the unnecessary comments removed to keep it short and legible.

# $Id: mt-daapd.conf.templ 1526 2007-04-09 04:23:51Z rpedde $

web_root = /usr/share/mt-daapd/admin-root
port = 3689
admin_pw = xxx
db_type = sqlite
db_parms = /var/cache/mt-daapd
mp3_dir = /media/share/public/media
servername = Firefly %v on %h
runas = nobody
playlist = /usr/etc/mt-daapd.playlist
#password = mp3
extensions = .mp3,.m4a,.m4p,.ogg,.flac,.mpc
ssc_codectypes = ogg,flac,alac,mpc
ssc_prog = /usr/bin/
logfile = /var/log/mt-daapd.log
#rescan_interval = 300
# always_scan = 0
# process_m3u = 0
scan_type = 2
rescan_interval = 6000
#compress = 0

plugin_dir = /usr/share/mt-daapd/plugins

concat_compilations = 1

I think you’ll probably want to see my log file, so please let me know which debug level you need.


It might be worth trying sqlite3 over sqlite, but beyond that, there probably isn’t a lot to do, until I get the gdbm backend back in. Hopefully fixes for the current nightlies won’t take too long, and then the db reorg will be the next thing I tackle.