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@Comer07 wrote:

I have two computers on a LAN. One is running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and the other is running Xubuntu Feisty Fawn. They both have the latest version of Rhythmbox with the DAAP plugin enabled. I have made no changes to the Xubuntu computer since installation. On this computer, I can use Avahi-discover to see the share. On the Ubuntu computer, however, I see nothing in the avahi-discover window. Also, I cannot ping the Ubuntu computer from either computer using DELL.local. I can only ping using the IP address. If anyone tell me what I need to check or change, I would be very grateful.

Sounds like either a firewall issue, or you aren’t running avahi on the ubuntu computer. Make sure your /etc/default/avahi-server has avahi set to start, and/or check your process list (ps auxw) to see if avahi-server is running.

If it’s firewall, you have to allow multicast inbound and outbound (to/from, or at least from UDP destport 5353 inbound, and to sourceport 5353 outbound.

– Ron